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Prepare for your appointment

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Make an appointment in advance, as we may have a waiting list. If for any reason you cannot make it, please advise us as soon as possible, so that we offer your appointment to someone else.


Your first appointment lasts for about one hour, during which time you can try on all of the dresses that you like, and you can work with the designer to create your dress. We provide a fixed quote without compromise or pressure. There are never any extra surprises.


For your appointments, please avoid using excessive perfumes, cosmetics or deodorants that can stain or leave odours on clothing – that includes body odour!


Please bring up to 3 friends or members of family that understand what you want and know what you look good in. If you shop with more people, it just confuses you even more - as everyone has an opinion.


Your size is sexy! - Whatever your measurements, with the personal help of the designer Estanislao, you will find the best solution to help you feel beautiful and super-confident.


If you want something very specific and you can find images in magazines or on the Internet, print or clip them, and bring them on your first appointment, it will be easier to understand your idea. If we cannot do what you are looking for, we will suggest some of the other local designers that may be able to help.


We recommend ordering your wedding dress about 6 months before the event. For bridesmaids and guests, we suggest 3 months' before. Please advise us if you will be dieting or may be pregnant, so we can make allowance with the pattern and fabric. 


You have found your own personal designer! - We are here to help you and guarantee that you will enjoy the expericence. You can relax and trust the skill of Estanislao and his team. At times, what you want will not suit your body type – we will be honest and give you the best advice, so you will look your best! 

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